Tony Robbins and the Dickens Process. Does it work?

I first heard about Tony Robbins from a friend when I was at University.

I was a mature student, over the age of 30, studying  Homeopathic Medicine with a  wonderful motley bunch. We were considered a bit odd by most of the ‘normal’ students and staff, but we were too busy learning weird and wonderful things to care.

But back to Tony.

I was loaned, by said friend a huge CD box set of Tony Robbins, which I diligently listened to.

I read a book of his, ‘Unleash The Power Within’, and, I took a financial course of his in London about a year later.


This was well over 10 years ago, and was certainly my first real step into the self improvement world, as in doing something more than simply buying a book.


So what do I remember?

From the CD’s the only thing that I remember is the Dickens Process.

I strongly urge you to have a look at the linked video, and try it out for yourself.


It was doing this method and seeing my life continue as a  Midwife working in the NHS, plus living where I was  for the next 5-10 years that really encouraged me to start changing my life.

You can tell it wasn’t a great vision.


What is the Dickens Process?

The process is based upon Charles Dickens’s story of a Christmas Carol, where the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future show Scrooge his life.

Tony Robbins has adapted it, and  he does this by asking  you to think of your two biggest beliefs that are holding you back.

He then asks you to feel them, and I mean really feel them.

Then he  asks you to feel those feelings as you see yourself 5 years from now, and then 10 years, and finally 20 years from now.


It scared me shitless.

The heaviness that I felt in my body when I did this  was horrid.
I was aching with it.

It felt like I was wrapped in chains and I could not move.

It showed me in no uncertain terms how utterly shitty my life would be if it remained as it was, and, it helped me look outside of the box I was very much in.

That box being ‘I’m a Nurse and Midwife and I have no skills to offer outside of that’.

I can now see how small that thought was, because, if you deconstruct the role of a Nurse and a Midwife, you have someone that can crisis manage, organise, respond and react to sudden changes, have the stamina of an ox, a bladder that can hold gallons,  plus the determination to help get the best for women in many various circumstance, be compassionate, empowering, funny, etc.; you get the idea.

This simple exercise changed the trajectory of my life. It could change yours too.