Does making a certain sound make money?

Can sound  really manifest for us?

At the moment I’m busy trying out the AH meditation from Wayne Dyer.


This is not for the easily embarrassed.


You need to be e OK with some pretty strange, and at times warbling like sounds emanating from your mouth.


I tend to make sure I am the only one in the house when I do this, because it does feel utterly weird.

But why do this mediation if it is so weird?

Because Wayne is a Guru and I want to see if what he teaches works.


The first time I did it I felt like a total nutter, but then something strange began to happen. I started to feel very good.


Like really good.


I have been doing this mediation now for well over 2 weeks , and I love it. I look forward to doing it, because I can feel the energy moving in my body.

It feels like gentle pulses of energy.

I do this mediation with Wayne’s voice,( it makes me feel less weird), and I have to say I  feel an incredible sense of calm near the end of the mediation, and a sense that everything is going to be OK.

As Wayne explains, ‘Ah’ is the sound of creation and is in many sacred words; Amen, Buddha, Allah, Krishna. All have the ‘ah’ sound, and it is this sound that you say over and over again.

Now, this video/meditation is allegedly a manifesting one, shades of The Secret? Maybe…


I visualise as I’m saying the word ‘ah’, what it is I want.

Gradually as I have been doing this, the visualisations have become more detailed, I can see more of what I want to manifest, (and yes that does include oodles of money), and I can see my self in my visualisations.

This is powerful, because usually I just visualise the object, not me in the object.

At the end of the meditation I feel as if everything is more achievable and I have far more determination to go out and achieve it.

Keeping with the weirdness, interesting things are also  starting to happen, it’s almost as if I’m getting divine nudges.

Such as today, while doing the ‘ah’ mediation, I got the idea to look into Mudra’s.

Of course I looked for the one regarding wealth, because I want to live a wealthy life on all levels; health, love, money – the whole caboodle.

Lo and behold there is one. (But that is for another post).

But does this work? I will update this post in a few months time and let you know!